Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, and it being the best holiday of the year, the Americans in the program couldn't let it pass without at least some sort of feast.  So, over the past few days we organized what turned into 16 people (only about half of which were American) to each cook or prepare something to bring to our friend Katie's house.  I cooked 11 pounds of mashed potatoes (which only cost around $3) after going on a hunt with my friend Chris to find a 27 pound turkey.  At the turkey shop, I was given a choice between a dead turkey and a live turkey.  I chose the former.

We finally got the turkey in the oven around 5 pm, so we weren't able to eat until about 11pm.  However, it turned out to be easily one of the most delicious, and definitely one of the most filling, Thanksgiving meals of my life, even though it was lacking the generally essential butternut squash and cranberry sauce (I'm pretty sure neither of those things can be found anywhere in Syria).  There was, among other things, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, green beans, pasta (prepared by our resident Italian), fruit salad, regular salad and for dessert Arab sweets and bread pudding.  Not a bad spread, and definitely a good first Thanksgiving for all the Europeans.